Clarification Re: Breakfast Program

Dear Parents,

In response to recent questions about our school breakfast program, I would like to provide the following clarification and context.

We have a wonderful breakfast program at Glen Stewart that has many benefits for children. It provides them with fuel for learning, social and emotional support, and it gets their day off to a good start.

We are totally committed to our breakfast program, and no child would ever be turned away or asked why they were there.

I am asking parents for your support in helping us to manage the size of our breakfast program which has become very large.

We have up to 300 of our 630 students, aged 4 to 8, attending the breakfast program on a daily basis. It is taking a long time to get children off the bus, in and out of the small space we have for the program in our front lobby, and then back to class. This is often at the expense of 15 to 20 minutes of instructional time.

With the support of Home and School, we are asking you to talk with your children and help them understand that under normal circumstances, they are strongly encouraged to go to the breakfast program on days when they haven’t eaten, and not on days when they have already had breakfast.

We will be monitoring the program over the next few weeks. If we find that the numbers haven’t adjusted, we may look at other models such as grab-and-go food options that students can access in their classrooms.

Thank you for speaking with your children and helping to ensure that our students continue to have a good breakfast program and all the benefits. Please feel free to contact me any time if you have questions or ideas.




Anne Hall



PSB Transition Teams Working on Student Re-zoning

The Elementary and Intermediate Transition Teams have been established and are working to ensure a successful transition process and to ensure that students and their families who have been affected by re-zoning are supported.

On Tuesday (April 25), a letter will go home to parents who have a student in the following schools:

  • Birchwood Intermediate
  • Cardigan Consolidated
  • Donagh Regional
  • Glen Stewart Primary
  • Parkdale Elementary
  • Prince Street Elementary
  • Queen Charlotte Intermediate
  • Spring Park Elementary
  • St. Jean Elementary
  • Stratford Elementary
  • Stonepark Intermediate
  • West Kent Elementary
  • West Royalty Elementary

Parents that have a child impacted by re-zoning and who attends a school not listed above, will receive a letter on Thursday, April 27.

The Transition Teams will further communicate with parents through the PSB and school websites, social media, and school newsletters.