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Welcome to new and returning parents and caregivers!  It is an exciting year for your child as he/she enters another year of school, or enters the first year of school.  The Home and School Association of Glen Stewart Primary is here to help you, the parents, navigate the school year.  Our objective is to foster cooperation between parents and teachers, so parents can be informed, constructive partners with educators.  Our goal is to obtain the best for each child in our school community.

2019- 2020 Executive
Chair: Kristina Dowling                                                                                                                                  Vice- Chair:  Andrea Richard                                                                                                                        Treasurer: Alison Sheppard
Secretary: Emma Rockett
Home & School email address:

********************************************************                                                                              Glen Stewart Primary Home & School Minutes  October 2019

Presidents’ Report [Kristina Dowling]

Coupon Books:

516 were sold in 2018, 630 have been sold for 2019 despite being minus the grade 3 class, well done everyone that worked hard to make this campaign such a success! This brings in $3,150 to our school fund. Winners for the highest sellers will be announced after coupons have been bundled and sent home. 

Wildwood Park:

Thank you to all who came out to the opening of the new Wildwood Park! The event could not have gone better. 6Z at SES created the winning name for the new playground and their prize was to play on it first as a class during a school period. The ‘Stratford Schools Community Playground’ committee continues work for phase 2 that will include a further connecting trail system, additional and accessible play pieces. The Purdys’ Chocolate Fundraiser (due back Monday, Nov 4th) and a Dec 7th ‘Pancakes and Pajamas’ event (details coming soon) are the remaining fundraisers planned for the 2019 calendar year designated to fundraise for the playground project. If you are interested in following along please join ‘Stratford Schools Community Playground’ on FB. If you are interested in being a part of the Playground Committee for Phase 2, it will include attending meetings, brainstorming and running fundraising initiatives and making decisions regarding the playground completion, you can contact if interested. 

Volunteers Needed:

Monday, November 4th: Bundling coupon booklets to go to the correct classrooms and students. 8:30/9AM until lunch at very latest.

Monday, November 4th: Receive Purdys Chocolate order forms and payments. 8:30/9AM until lunch at very latest.

Tuesday, November 5th: Picture retake day (Criminal record check submitted to office required). 8:30/9AM for majority of the morning. 

Wednesday, November 6th: School Book Fair (Criminal record check submitted to office required) 8:30AM-2PM. Shifts are flexible for the hours you are available.

Monday, December 2nd: Seasonal decorating throughout the school. Meet in the lobby about 8:30/9AM and stay as you can.  

To sign up for your desired volunteer role/time please email Dave at

Holiday Market:

Tables are still available for the November 22nd and 23rd Holiday Market. Profits from the market are split 50/50 between the Glen Stewart Primary (GSP) and Stratford Elementary School (SES) Home and School Funds. 

Principals’ Report [Anne Hall]:

Playground:                                                                                                                               A shout out to the Playground Committee for the full time work the team did. The amount of children, families and sponsors that came out was wonderful. Students at GSP will be ‘trained’ on how to manaeuver the playground and how to move in the towers, this will happen one class at a time during a class period with their classroom teacher. The week after this the GSP students will have access to the eagles nest and Wildwood park during their recess time! (Please note that this will not be at the same time as SES students, the schools recess times vary).   We are looking into lighting and cameras for Wildwood playground to provide longer access and security. Please note it will be made sure that any lighting will not be interfering to peoples homes that are behind the schools.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Allergies:There have been no allergy incidences to date at GSP. Breakfast program has been adjusted to meet these concerns. Thank you parents for being diligent on the food restrictions and to the children too as they have been very diligent also. 

Report cards and Parent Teacher Interviews:

Nov 6th report cards go out. Online registration is open to book your parent teacher interview.

Non School Days:

Monday, November 11: Remembrance Day

Thursday, November 14: PEITF Training Convention

Friday, November 15: PEITF Training Convention

Morning Pause Zones of Regulation:

This is the third year rolling out the FOCUS program. Children are expressing where they are emotionally for self regulation and identifying feelings via the various colour ranges. Year one was breathing strategies. Year two introduced 5 reset rooms created throughout the school for children that need a few minutes because they are having trouble self regulating, these spaces are used for students to reset and get ‘back in the blue’. Now in the third year all of these strategies are coming together when the entire building does a whole school reset after ‘Oh Canada’ each morning with a four point reset. The whole school stops and are led through the physical, mental and emotional resetting sequence via Anne or Dave on the PA system.                                                                                      Children are understanding the language and strategies of FOCUS and are learning to better self calm and self regulate. 

Christmas Concerts:

Parents do not have any responsibility for Christmas Concerts other than to attend, if able, and enjoy the show. Each student gets 2 tickets for afternoon and two for evening. Please respect this as it is a fire safety issue.  

December 9th: Dress Rehearsal 

December 10th: Kindergarten. Times will be announced. 

December 11th:  Grade 1. Times will be announced. 

December 12th: Grade 2. Times will be announced. 

December 13th: Storm Date for above. 

Treasures’ Report [Alison Sheppard]:

$2979.54 currently in the GSP Home and School fund. One cheque is out for $200 for the 2019 H&S association fee. Funds will be incoming soon from Coupon Books and Holiday Market.  

Other items…


If you are not getting the school email please pop into the office and submit your email address or inform your classroom teacher you’re not receiving them. Please search ‘Glen Stewart Home and School’ for the Facebook group. All teachers are directed to have blogs for parents to stay up to date, ask your classroom teacher if you’re not aware of theirs. 


There is now a new permanent bus driver for bus 42, welcome Danelda Docherty. 

Next Meeting:

Monday, November 25th 6PM, first classroom on the right just off of the lobby area. 

Thanks for staying up-to-date,

GSP Home and School Secretary, 

Emma Rockett.                                                                                                                                                                            *******************************************

PEI Home and School Federation News November  2019                                                               Semi-Annual Follow up:                                                                                                                             Sharing of Ideas “Live Story” by Dionne Tuplin online.
Membership Fees                                                                                                                                                     1.   Local Home and School Association membership fees are due November 1st.
Forms were mailed to Association presidents/treasurers and are online.

Parent Leadership Grants                                                                                                                                 2.  PL Project grants up to $1,000 are available to Home and School Associations. Projects are to focus on parent leadership and engagement in your school community. Click here for Application. For more information, contact: / 620-3186 / 1-800-916-0664
Submission deadline Friday, November 8, 2019  

Premier’s Education Mandate Letter                                                                                                          3.  The Minister of Education and Lifelong Learning received a Mandate Letter from Premier King, with direction to lead PEI’s efforts to develop and deliver excellent high-quality education in English and French for Island children from birth to Grade 12. Hon. Trivers will lead development and implementation of a school food program and return to elected school boards. Click here for Letter.

Effecting Change through Resolutions                                                                                                       4.  It is useful and practical to effect change by using a formal resolution writing process. Home and School members are asked to consider presenting an issue in education that is affecting the learning success of students to influence change at the provincial level through the Federation’s advocacy policies (i.e. vaping & youth, student wellness, curriculum needs, student health, school bus safety, etc.). For more information: / 620-3186 / 1-800-916-0664. Resolution submission deadline: January 31, 2020.