Library – Adopt a School Contest

Indigo is running an “Adopt a School” contest. The top 5 entries from PEI will win at least $500 for their school library, and have a 1 in 5 chance of winning $2,500. This would be great for Glen Stewart!!

Please click on the link below to vote!


Breakfast Program

The Breakfast Program will begin on Monday, September 25th. Thank you to those who have volunteered their time and effort to this great initiative.
The Breakfast Program is supported by a limited budget and is intended to support students who have breakfast needs from home. This program is not to support social connections – we will promote this in other ways. Having said this, we ask only those students who are in need of breakfast participate in the program.

PSB Transition Teams Working on Student Re-zoning

The Elementary and Intermediate Transition Teams have been established and are working to ensure a successful transition process and to ensure that students and their families who have been affected by re-zoning are supported.

On Tuesday (April 25), a letter will go home to parents who have a student in the following schools:

  • Birchwood Intermediate
  • Cardigan Consolidated
  • Donagh Regional
  • Glen Stewart Primary
  • Parkdale Elementary
  • Prince Street Elementary
  • Queen Charlotte Intermediate
  • Spring Park Elementary
  • St. Jean Elementary
  • Stratford Elementary
  • Stonepark Intermediate
  • West Kent Elementary
  • West Royalty Elementary

Parents that have a child impacted by re-zoning and who attends a school not listed above, will receive a letter on Thursday, April 27.

The Transition Teams will further communicate with parents through the PSB and school websites, social media, and school newsletters.